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Florida Solar Installer Case Study

FPL Solar Net Metering

Raze Solar helps homeowner in Palm Coast, FL save through the FPL solar net metering program.

Project Type


Electric Bill


Utility Company

Florida Power & Light (FPL)


Palm Coast, FL 32137

Why FPL Solar Net Metering?

This homeowner initially reached out to us for a free solar estimate for a fully system and battery. However, with the FPL solar net metering program, this homeowner was able to remain connected to the main energy grid and bypass the need for solar batteries altogether.

Net Metering allows homes to use solar during the day and grid energy at night. Extra power generated during the day is sent to the grid and the homeowner receives a monthly energy credit to cover the cost of night time use.

The FPL solar net metering program significantly reduced project costs while still allowing the homeowner to save each month on utility bills. 

FP&L Net Metering Case Study 1
FP&L Net Metering Case Study 2

Property Details

Location: Palm Coast, FL 32137

Home Size: 1,633 sqft

Avg Electric Bill: $169.68

Connection Type: FPL solar net metering

Solar Tech

Manufacture: QCell

# Of Panels: 31

Panel Type: AC Embedded G10+ 360 watt

Inverter Type: Enphase

Hardware: IronRidge®

FP&L Net Metering Case Study 3
FP&L Net Metering Case Study 4

Financing Details

System Cost W/O Batteries: $41,664

Solar Tax Credit: $10,832.64

Payment Type: Raze Solar In-House Financing

Energy Offset: 86%

Project Timeline

System Design

2 Days


5 Days


6 Weeks


1 Day

1 kWH

Solar System Size

Equivalent to 3.9 tons of waste being recycled

10000 kWh

Annual Energy Production

Equivalent to 12,414 lbs of coal burned each year

10 %

Utility Bill Savings

Future proof your energy bill from rising rates

rooftop solar panel installation jacksonville Florida

Solar Panel Installation

Why Raze Solar?

Florida homeowners have many options when it comes to choosing a FL solar installer, however, none can match the level of service, support, and experience like Raze Solar. 

We are the only solar company in Florida to offer:

  • 100% of permitting costs covered
  • 25 year LIFETIME warranty on parts & labor
  • Guarantee that we will never swap out panels for cheaper alternatives during install
  • 24/7 monitoring to ensure energy production
  • 1 time free move – includes reinstalling panels on your new home
Why Raze Solar

FPL Solar Net Metering FAQ

Yes! Not only do we handle all paperwork with the city and your utility company, we even cover 100% of the costs. 

Getting the permits needed to complete a solar install requires several agencies: city engineers, city permitting departments, and the utility company.

Unfortunately, each one operates on their own timeline and it can take several weeks to get all the required documentation complete. 

No, homeowners interested in switching to solar have several options: off-grid systems, on-grid systems that use net metering programs, and hybrid that have a mix of both. Learn more about your options in this blog post

Most utility companies in Florida have net metering programs, however, the amount of energy credits per kWh of energy produced varies. 

Yes! FPL is the most common but we’ve worked with JEA, Clay County Electric, Gulf Power and many others. Contact us today to learn how we can help you switch to solar energy and start saving.

There are many reasons why the cost of residential solar systems can vary from home to home. Size, energy needs, roof direction, trees, amount of sunlight, and more can impact how much energy your roof can produce. 

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