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The solar tax credit going away in Florida so don't wait to make the switch!

Is the Solar Tax Credit Going Away in Florida?

Is the Solar Tax Credit Going Away in Florida
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    The federal solar tax credit has received a lot of attention and for good reason! This deduction allows homeowners to reduce the costs of solar panels and installation by 30%. However, you may have heard that the solar tax credit going away. This is also true! Read on to find out why and how to maximize savings when switching to solar in Florida. 

    Solar Tax Credit Deadlines 

    The solar tax credit is scheduled to sunset on December 31, 2033, and go from its current 30% down to 26%. After 2033, the solar tax credit deduction will be reduced to 0% and go away unless Congress decides to renew it.  

    Savings With Solar Tax Credit

    The average homeowner in Florida saves $9,000 with the federal solar tax credit. If you calculate the cost of switching to solar and compare it to the cost of staying with your utility company, the numbers make it clear that switching to solar is an investment worth making.

    What To Do Before The Solar Tax Credit Goes Away

    If you’re considering switching to solar, the first step is determining if solar panels are right for your home. Here are some things to keep in mind: 

    • Do you have enough room on your roof for panels? 
    • Is your roof in good enough condition to support solar panels? 
    • What size/type of solar panel system is right for your home and budget? 

    Finally, make sure that you understand how much energy your household needs and if solar is capable of providing all of it. For example, if you have an electric car or are planning on buying one in the future, you may need to plan for extra solar panels to accommodate it. 

    What’s the best way to determine if solar is right for your home? Schedule a free solar energy audit from our team! We analyze your roof, home, and energy bills to help you determine how many solar panels are needed and what system is best for your home. In addition, you will know how much the total costs are and be able to calculate the ROI of your investment. 

    Key Takeaways 

    Have questions about the solar tax credit going away in Florida? Don’t wait for the solar tax credit to expire! Request a free solar energy audit today and learn if switching is right for your home and maximize your savings. Schedule online today or give us a call at (844) 786-7293 to speak with a Florida solar expert. 

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