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Generate Free Electricity With Solar

Solar Panels Are Worth It In Florida

Solar = Savings

Find out the top reasons why solar panels are worth it in Florida and how to switch.

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Solar panels provide free energy for 25+ years and reduce your electricity bill to $0. That’s $123 in monthly savings for the average Florida homeowner. 

Homeowners average $30,000 – $40,000  in energy costs alone.

Solar panels keep 8,000+ lbs. of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere every year.


Solar Tax Incentives

Federal tax credits significantly reduce the cost of solar panels. 

Request a free energy audit from our solar experts and learn the true cost of solar for your home.

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Sell extra solar power through net metering programs in Florida

Sell Extra Solar Power

Solar panels can easily generate more power than your home can use. Extra energy is sold back to the local energy companies through programs called net metering. If you qualify, extra energy payments are made in the form of energy credits.


Rising Electricity Costs

Switching to solar eliminates monthly energy bills. Net metering programs also allow homeowners to get paid for extra energy produced. Over time, a rooftop solar system can homeowners $30,000 – $40,000 in energy costs alone. Learn other benefits of solar panels in Florida on our blog

Florida homeowners save money with solar panels
Solar panels eliminate monthly energy bills

Energy Independence

Heatwaves, hurricanes, and other natural disasters are a few of the things Florida homeowners face each year. Installing solar panels will give you peace of mind and keep your home running, even during a blackout. This is one of the biggest reasons solar panels are worth it in Florida!


Environmental Impact

Solar energy helps save money and save the planet.

Dependence on coal and natural gas produces about 200,000,000 metric tons of sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide in Florida every year. Switching to a clean energy source like solar reduces greenhouse gasses, reduces dependence on fossil fuels, and helps protect the environment.

Solar panels reduce pollution in Florida
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Access our free homeowner’s guide to solar energy systems. Learn how solar can impact your property taxes, ways to save when choosing solar equipment, and how to get the best solar panel financing. 

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Switching your home to solar power is a big investment. We’re here to make it easy. 

FAQ's About Florida Solar Panels

Need more information on if solar panels are worth it in Florida? Download a free copy of the 2022 Florida Solar Consumer Protection Guide! This guide includes a comprehensive explanation of solar panel options, installation steps, and how to find a reputable solar installer.

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There are many factors that you will need to consider before deciding if solar panels are right for your home. This includes the total cost of the project, existing utility bills, and loan financing rates if you are not paying cash for the project. 


Getting a free solar energy audit is the best way to make the best decision for your home and budget. 

Yes, solar panels are legal in Florida. There have been several changes to laws through legislation so if you come across information online that says otherwise make sure to check the date the article was published!

Interested in switching to solar power but worried your HOA prohibits rooftop solar panels? There’s good news – they can’t! Thanks to Florida Statue 163.04, HOA restrictions cannot prohibit the use of solar panels or equipment. 

Solar panels are stronger than you might think, especially here in Florida where hurricanes are common. The short answer is yes, solar panels can withstand wind speeds of 150 mph+ which is the equivalent to a cat 4 hurricane. Learn more about solar panels and hurricanes on our blog!

Will adding solar panels damage my roof? is often the first question Florida homeowners ask us! 

The short answer is no, solar panels will not damage your roof as long as they are installed correctly. In fact, they can actually add to the life of your existing roof. This is another reason why solar panels are worth it in Florida! Learn how to find a qualified solar energy contractor on our blog!

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