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Financing Solar Panels

Lesson 6

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    Once you’ve decided to switch to solar, the next step is to buy them. If you are like most homeowners and don’t have the cash to pay upfront, financing solar panels is your best option. The good news is that there are several ways to make it happen and most are easy to get started. 

    Financing Solar Panels Through Raze

    We make it easy for homeowners to switch to solar by offering in-house financing options. This means you won’t have to go to a bank, credit union, or another third party. Once we’ve completed your free solar energy audit, we will help you get the best loan to fit your needs. Ask about our $0 down and 0% interest for up to 18 months option! 

    Home Equity Loan

    For homeowners looking to finance solar panels but don’t want to use Raze Solar’s in-house financing, a home equity line of credit is a great option. These types of loans are provided by both banks and credit unions and act as a second mortgage. 

    HomeStyle® Energy Loan

    Fannie Mae has made it easy for homeowners to get a loan for home energy upgrades, especially when financing solar panels. This loan is available for those who are looking to buy or refinance their existing mortgage and lets homeowners wrap up all costs into one low monthly mortgage payment.

    Credit Card

    If you have the available credit limit, purchasing solar panels with a credit card is easy. The only downside to this option is the interest rates. Most of the time, they are much higher than a traditional home loan.

    Financing Solar Panels FAQ's

    Some energy providers in Florida have a minimum required charge, even if you did not use any power from the grid. Most of the time this fee is below $10 but will vary depending on your service provider.

    Some energy companies in Florida offer net-metering options for homeowners with solar panels. Net metering programs buy-back extra power generated in the form of energy credits.

    If your solar panel system is grid-tied, it will feed any extra energy your home generates for others to use. You will receive what is called “energy credits” as payment for generating that power. The credits will apply to your monthly bill if your home uses grid power at night or on cloudy days. Unused energy credits can be redeemed at the end of each year.

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