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Generate free power and reduce your monthly electric bill to $0.

Why Florida Solar?

Go Green,
Save Some Green

With federal and local solar incentives, homeowners average a 20% return on investment

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Solar panels save Jacksonville Florida homeowners money
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Renewable is unstoppable

Maximize Energy Production

As the top Florida solar installer in St Augustine, we provide homeowners with the most reliable and efficient home energy systems on the market.

Sunshine = Savings

Switch For $0

Our in-house solar financing options make switching to solar easy. Take advantage of our $0 down and 0% interest with no payments for 18 months.

Solar panels reduce jacksonville florida homeowners energy bills to $0
Jacksonville florida home powered by solar panels

With Florida Solar,
You've Got The Power

24/7 Monitoring

Solar panel performance, energy savings, and custom reports are available 24/7 in one easy-to-use app. When paired with our top-rated solar panels, it’s easy to see why Florida homeowners choose us.

We Exist To Power You

Solar Energy Audit

Is your home a good fit for solar? How much can you save by making the switch?

Schedule a free solar energy audit now and meet with our home solar system experts!

Solar panels can power jacksonville florida homes and eliminate energy bills
Solar is the smart choice for Jacksonville Florida homeowners

Switching To Solar Is Smart

Free Guide: Solar 101

Access our entire library of resources to learn how solar panels work, what happens during the installation process, solar panel requirements for homes, and what type of maintenance you can expect after the job is complete. 

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