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We offer the highest rated solar panels for Florida homes. Q Cell solar panels have been third-party tested for maximum efficiency in any season – even under cloudy skies.

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With one Enphase microinverter per module, solar production keeps working even if one panel fails. This means more power and reliability for your home.

Reliable Storage

Enjoy complete energy independence and power your home with solar batteries and/or generators.

24/7 Solar Monitoring

Easy to use app provides 24/7 control, reports, total savings and more. One app, one program, one call for support.

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Schedule a free solar energy audit to learn what residential solar products are needed to eliminate your energy bill.

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FAQ's About Florida Solar Panels

Interested in learning more about solar panels before scheduling a FL solar quote? Download a free copy of the 2022 Florida Solar Consumer Protection Guide! This guide includes a comprehensive explanation of solar panel options, installation steps, and how to find a reputable solar installer.

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Roof damage is a common concern for Florida homeowners switching to solar. The good news is that when installed correctly, solar panels will NOT damage your roof. Get more information on our blog!

Solar panels themselves are also waterproof and shatter-resistant. In one study, a 262 mile per hour hailstone was launched at a solar panel and it didn’t even break! Learn more on our blog!

There are several types of solar panel connections and not all require solar batteries. Learn the pros and cons of each type of system and how scheduling a solar energy audit can help you decide which is right for your home! 

There is no denying solar panels are expensive, but making the switch doesn’t have to break the bank! There are a number of ways homeowners can reduce solar panel costs and save more over the lifetime of their investment. Learn more in our free online guide for Florida homeowners.

Have you heard of  Florida Power & Light (FPL)’s SolarTogether program? While it seems like a great opportunity, homeowners participating in these community solar programs are likely to have higher energy costs and monthly bills. Learn more on our blog

Solar panels easily last 20+ years but that doesn’t mean repairs won’t be needed from time to time. Homeowners looking to switch to solar should consider adding additional coverage through extended solar panel warranties and solar panel insurance to avoid out-of-pocket costs. Learn what we offer here

For Florida homeowners, ensuring the panels receive enough sunlight is key to maximizing energy production. Regular maintenance may include regular tree trimming around your property or manual cleaning to remove dust buildup. 

Homeowners spend $1,500 on electricity every year or about $125 each month. Switching to solar means you can keep that money and generate free electricity. Getting a solar energy audit is the first step towards monthly savings, but before you make the call, you’ll want to make sure your home is a good fit for solar panels. Learn what is required here

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