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What's causing higher electric bills in Florida? Find out and learn how to save.

Expect Higher Electric Bills This Winter

Central Florida Homeowners Should Expect Higher Electric Bills This Winter

A new report released this month by the Energy Department advised central Florida homeowners to brace themselves for higher electric bills this winter. The agency projects natural gas bills to jump 28% percent and electricity costs to be 10% higher than last winter. 

But inflation and rising fuel costs are only part of the reason why Florida homeowners should expect higher electric bills going forward. 

Florida Power & Light (FPL), one of the largest utility companies in Florida, reported $1.1 Billion in damages from Hurricane Ian. FPL provides electricity in some of the areas hardest hit by the storm, including parts of Lee, Charlotte, Sarasota, and DeSoto counties.

Historically, utility companies have been able to recoup some of the losses from major storms like Ian from customers by raising rates. Experts anticipate FPL to file a proposal at the Florida Public Service Commission soon and say any rate increase will likely be approved.

This comes at a time when many central Florida homeowners are struggling to cover higher electric bills as it is. Many saw double-digit rate increases this summer, causing an influx of people to rely on financial assistance from local and national programs to pay their monthly utilities. 

Can Solar Panels Help You Avoid Higher Electric Bills?

The short answer is yes; solar panels can help homeowners avoid higher electric bills as long as their home meets the requirements for installation. 

Low solar panel financing rates and extended terms allow qualified homeowners to purchase enough solar panels to offset their monthly bills without spending any money out-of-pocket. In most cases, the solar loan payment is less than a homeowner’s current electric bill. 

Having a single, fixed monthly solar payment is also a huge benefit for homeowners, especially now when rates are higher than ever. Put another way, adding solar panels is a great way to future-proof higher electric bills. 

What Are The Requirements For Solar Panels?

Roof age, condition, and size are among the biggest factors determining if solar makes sense for a home. In addition, other variables like total energy demands, connection type, and utility company can impact costs and potential savings. 

Getting a solar energy audit is the single best way for homeowners to know if their home is a good fit for solar panels. This audit will review all of the factors that can influence solar production and savings and provide a full cost/benefit breakdown to make an informed decision.  

Why Choose Raze Solar?

As a local solar company, we are proud to provide St. Augustine and Jacksonville homeowners with the best solar products and warranty services around! In fact, we are the only company to offer a lifetime parts AND labor warranty on all systems we install.

We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners make the switch, and we can help you too! If you’ve been considering adding solar panels to your home or are worried about paying higher electric bills, contact us today for a free home energy audit and find out if you can save. Call or text (904) 595-6835, schedule a free solar panel quote online, or view our services areas and learn how to make the switch. 

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