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Can solar panels be installed without voiding a roof warranty? Read on to find out!

Roof Warranty 101: Will Installing Solar Panels Void Policy?

new rooftop solar panels on residential home in Florida safeguards roof warranty

Solar panels are a big investment for most homeowners, especially for those needing a new roof to support them. Since solar panels will last 25+ years, the last thing you’ll want to deal with is roofing problems after installation like damage, leaks, or a voided roof warranty. 

Concerns about potential roof damage and a lack of roof warranty coverage have left many homeowners unsure about making the switch. In this article, we will debunk the myth surrounding solar panels and roof warranties, shedding light on the facts and providing clarity for those considering a solar installation.

Understanding The Solar Panel Installation Process

Solar panels are attached to mounting brackets that are secured by large bolts drilled into the roof rafters. While this sounds scary, systems are engineered to protect the roof’s integrity and prevent damage that could arise from their installation or operation. When installed correctly, solar panels can prolong your roof’s life by protecting it from the elements!

However, if solar panels are not installed correctly, it can cause a number of problems like:

  • Roof leaks around flashing and mounting sites
  • Shingle damage from tools / walking on roof
  • Structural damage from using the wrong fasteners on your roof to attach footings

Damage from an improper installation is not covered under a roof’s warranty, but it might be under the workmanship warranty from your contractor. 

Roof Warranty vs. Solar Warranty

After homeowners learn large bolts will need to be drilled into their roofs, they often assume that installing solar panels will automatically void the roof warranty. In reality, your roof warranty wouldn’t cover the costs to fix roof damage caused by solar panels or any other object that created a hole in your roof. 

Roof warranties generally only safeguard against manufacturing defects or material failures in the roofing system itself. Examples of damage covered by a roof warranty would be blistering or faulty seals caused by something wrong in manufacturing. 

Example of damage covered under roof warranty
shingle buckling caused by lack of sealing during installation covered under roof warranty

However, if your solar contractor has a workmanship warranty, any damage to your roof or home would be covered under that. Unfortunately, there is no law or regulation on warranties offered by solar contractors in Florida. This is one reason homeowners should do their due diligence when choosing a contractor and ensure a warranty is offered!

What Roofing Manufacturers Suggest

To address the concerns of homeowners, many roofing manufacturers have released official statements regarding solar panel installations. While these statements may vary between manufacturers, the overall consensus is that installing solar panels does not void the warranty on the roof itself as long as specific guidelines are followed. 

Some manufacturers may require that the installation be carried out by certified solar professionals to maintain warranty coverage, ensuring that the panels are installed correctly and without compromising the roof’s integrity.

Choosing A Licensed Solar Contractor

Preventing roof damage from solar panels starts with choosing a licensed solar contractor. 

This will help ensure that the installation is carried out correctly, following industry best practices and any guidelines set forth by the manufacturer to keep your roof warranty intact.

Another quality to look for is a solar contractor with roofing experience.  We have over a decade’s worth of roof installation and repair experience. In fact, Raze Solar was started to be a sister company to Roof Pros and serves the solar needs of our existing customers. 

Choosing a solar contractor with roofing experience safeguards your home from roof leaks and damage during installation. It’s like having two experts work on your home without having to pay more!

Key Takeaways About Solar Panels & Your Roof Warranty

The fear that installing solar panels will void your roof warranty is a common misconception. Solar panels can be safely installed without compromising the integrity of your roof as long as proper guidelines are followed. 

The best way to prevent roof damage is by hiring a licensed solar contractor that will follow guidelines from both the solar panel manufacturer and the roofing manufacturer. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of renewable energy while maintaining warranty coverage for your roof. So, go ahead and embrace the power of solar while keeping your home protected!

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