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FL Solar Update: Raze Solar Installations July 2022

Raze solar panel installations in St. Augustine, FL

By all accounts, July was tough for many homeowners across central Florida. Natural gas prices have increased, leading to a double-digit increase in utility bills. Many say their July 2020 electric bill is the highest it’s been… ever. Some utility companies have started repayment programs for those that need financial assistance paying above-average rates. Experts say the natural gas prices will likely remain high throughout the winter, and homeowners could start seeing above-average bills this winter.  

While saving money is often the first reason people switch to solar in Florida, there are also huge environmental benefits! Reducing fossil fuel emissions helps keep our air clean our beaches free of pollution, and helps stop global warming. Check out some of our solar installations this month and see how we are making an impact!

Solar Installations St. Augustine, 32080

Project: 22 Panels / 7.48 kWh / 10,276 kWh yearly 

Energy Company: Florida Power & Light

Connection Type: Net metering 

Energy Savings Equivalent To: 8,057 lbs of coal burned / 16.9 barrels of oil burned / 120 trees planted

Solar Panel Installations St. Johns, 32259

Raze solar panel installations in 32259

Project Specs: 29 Panels / 9.86 kWh / 12,716 yearly

Energy Company: JEA

Connection Type: Net metering

Solar Energy Offset: 101%

Energy Savings Equivalent To: 9,971 lbs of coal burned / 20.9 barrels of oil burned / 149 trees planted

Solar Installations St. Augustine, 32080

Project Specs: 31 Panels / 10.54 kWh / 13,664 yearly

Energy Company: Florida Power & Light

Connection Type: Net metering 

Solar Energy Offset: 57%

Energy Savings Equivalent To: 10,714 lbs of coal burned / 22.4 barrels of oil burned / 160 trees planted

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