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Easy To Switch, Easier To Save

From the second we knock on your door to the time your solar panels start producing electricity, we’re with you every step of the way.


Solar Energy Audit

Learn if your home is a good fit, what products are needed to maximize performance and the true ROI of making the switch.

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Residential Solar Systems

We’re on a mission to help homeowners live better by switching to solar power. As a leading Solar Installer in Jacksonville and Central Florida, we are proud to offer turn-key services that make switching to solar easy.

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Commercial Solar Systems

Businesses interested in switching to solar need a reliable contractor they can trust. Our track record and commitment to excellence is what makes us the top solar installer in Central Florida.

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Comprehensive Solar Designs

Our team has decades of experience engineering the most efficient residential and commercial solar systems.

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Take Power Into Your Own Hands

Contact us or schedule an appointment online to learn how you can easily add solar panels to your home and eliminate your electricity bill.

FAQ's About Solar In Florida

Interested in learning more about solar panel installation in Florida? Download a free copy of the 2022 Florida Solar Consumer Protection Guide

This guide includes a comprehensive explanation of solar panel options, installation steps, and how to find a reputable solar installer.

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Yes! While the cost of a solar system in Florida can seem overwhelming, the total ROI on solar panels is high making it a great investment for homeowners. Learn more about why solar makes sense in Florida in our free online guide!

The number of solar panels your home needs varies based on many factors. The single best way to gauge the cost of solar panels for your home is to get a free solar energy audit. We will analyze your entire home and energy bills to help you determine the true cost of solar, your ROI, and the payback period should you get financing for your solar system.

Having a baseline understanding of how solar panels work and what types of energy systems are available is helpful but not required before reaching out to a solar installer. During a free solar energy audit, we cover all these things and more to make sure homeowners have all the information before committing to installing solar panels.

Raze Solar is among the top Florida solar installers for a few reasons. We not only have over a decade of experience in roofing, general contracting, and solar but we also employ a full-time engineer to design the best and most efficient solar systems. Other companies often use third-party software when deciding where to place solar panels which can lead to efficiency problems later on. We believe in going the extra mile for Florida homeowners and that’s peace of mind you can’t get anywhere else!

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