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A solar panel has two warranties: a performance and equipment guarantee.

Solar Panel Warranties

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    Solar panels easily last 20+ years but that doesn’t mean repairs won’t be needed from time to time. Homeowners looking to switch to solar should consider adding additional coverage through extended solar panel warranties and solar panel insurance to avoid out-of-pocket costs. 

    What Do Solar Panel Warranties Cover?

    Solar panel warranties cover two areas: product and performance

    A solar panel’s product warranty covers any costs associated with equipment failures and defects in workmanship. In some cases, they will cover issues like premature wear, corrosion/rust, and faulty wiring. 

    Most manufacturers also offer what is called a performance warranty which guarantees the solar panel will meet or exceed energy production output over the lifetime of the panels. Should energy production drop below the stated amount, the manufacturer will replace/repair the panels for free. 

    Can A Solar Panel Warranty Be Transferred? 

    An existing solar panel warranty can be transferred to a new homeowner depending on what the manufacturer allows. We understand that there may be a time when Florida homeowners must move, which is why we’ve made sure our manufacturers have this as an option for customers. Learn more or start a warranty transfer online by clicking here.  

    Solar Panel Warranty vs Solar Panel Insurance

    Manufacturer warranties typically only cover the costs to repair/replace parts that were defective. They do not cover “acts of God” like large hail storms or other types of accidental damage. That’s where solar panel insurance comes into play and gives homeowners an added layer of protection. 

    Depending on the energy provider, Florida homeowners may be required to purchase a solar panel insurance policy (or increase limits of homeowners insurance) to participate in net metering programs. On average, these policies can range from $20-50 and will not offset the total savings from switching to solar energy. 

    Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Solar Panel Damage?

    Solar panels are considered a permanent structure on your property which means that homeowners insurance will likely cover any unexpected damage. However, due to the cost of solar panels, you may have to increase the coverage limit of your policy.

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