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Think outside the box and give the gift of solar power!

Solar Panels For Christmas: Give The Gift Of Power

santa holding gift of solar panels for Christmas

Solar panels for Christmas special offer: Get $250 gift card with solar inspection when you learn about our financing options!

Christmas is almost here, and that means many people are searching for the perfect gift for their family and loved ones. While it’s great to show you care with gifts, these items stay in the closets and go unused throughout the year. Why not give a gift that helps save money and improves life at home? 

This year, think outside the box and give the gift of solar power!

Solar panels for Christmas is one gift the entire family will enjoy. Plus, it’s one gift that will keep giving for many years to come. Here are a few reasons why you should gift yourself (and your family) with a residential solar system this year:

Long Term Results 

There aren’t many things that last as long as solar panels do. Not only will they hold up and not break when hit by 2.5” hail, but a properly installed rooftop solar system will also withstand 150+ mph winds in a hurricane. Plus, studies show that solar panels will keep producing power for 25+ years after installation. 

Save Money

Installing solar panels isn’t as cheap as a small gift at the local big-box store, but they can help you save money now and in the future! 

Most homeowners can reduce monthly electricity costs by 85% or more and start seeing savings right after solar panels are installed. How much could you save each month if your electricity bill was 15% of what it is right now? More importantly, how much could that save you over the next 25+ years?!

Claim 30% Tax Credit

Not only will you save on monthly electricity costs, but the existing federal tax credit can cut costs by 30%, meaning immediate upfront savings. 

If you are worried about project costs, now’s the time to make the switch and claim the tax benefits – otherwise, you’ll end up paying more if you switch in the future. 

Gift To The Planet

One home solar system can keep more than 15,000 pounds of CO2 every year! Switching to renewable energy does more than just help stop global warming – it helps improve our local air quality, which in turn improves our local ecosystems. Solar panels for Christmas can benefit you and the Earth!

Give Solar Panels For Christmas

Whether you are considering adding solar panels to your home as a Christmas gift to yourself and family or seeing how much money you could save, now is the time

This month, Raze Solar is offering a $250 gift card for scheduling a home solar inspection with us and learning about financing offers. Use it to give solar panels for Christmas or to get other gifts on your list! To claim this offer, call (844) 786-7293 to schedule or fill out the form below! Once your home inspection and financing offer is complete, you’ll receive your $250 gift card!

Why Choose Raze Solar?

As a local solar installer, Raze Solar provides end-to-end solar energy services in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, Florida. This includes education, design, and solar panel installation. Avoid paying more on installation costs by working with a company that handles everything in-house.

We have in-house engineers, electricians, and technicians to provide our customers with a sustainable solution they can depend on. We never use subcontractors or allow inexperienced installers to complete your project

Not only do we use the best and highest rated solar products, we harness the power of AI to understand your utility costs and determine if your home is right for solar. Our comprehensive cost/saving report will allow you to make an informed decision.

Solar is a big investment – make sure to choose the best solar installer for your Florida home.

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