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Will Adding Solar Panels Damage My Roof?

Will Adding Solar Panels Damage My Roof

Does the thought of drilling holes into your roof to add solar panels freak you out? You’re not alone! “Will adding solar panels damage my roof?” is often the first question Florida homeowners ask us. 

While solar panels do require some updates to your roof’s structural system, there is some good news: special care is taken in the installation process to ensure your roof stays watertight and fully protected. In fact, adding solar panels can add protection to your roof – read on to learn now!

Do All Solar Panels Require Drilling Into The Roof?

Unfortunately, yes. Think of it like this: when adding a large, heavy shelf to a wall in your home – the wall studs offer greater support than the drywall. This is why the mounting system required for solar panels must be installed on the roof rafters. 

To prevent leaks, any holes in your roof are sealed with sealant. In addition, special water-tight flashings are installed under the shingles or over the metal sheeting. When proper installation techniques are followed, installing solar can actually increase your roof’s lifespan as the system protects your roof’s shingles from the elements. So if you are wondering, “can solar panels damage my roof” the answer is no!

Will Solar Panels Damage My Roof In A Storm?

Another thought that crosses most homeowners’ minds before switching to solar is what happens during a hurricane. This is also a really great question! 

Solar panels get hot. To avoid heating up the inside of your attic and home, there is a small gap between the roof shingles and panels to allow for proper airflow. However, this gap can create a situation ripe for “wind uplift” during extreme weather events, like hurricanes. 

The good news is that solar panel systems must be rated to withstand winds of 160 MPH or more in the state of Florida, but most can withstand much higher. Learn what makes solar panels hurricane proof in our online guide. 

Additional Info On Florida Solar Panels

Solar Panels Last 25+ Years

Solar panels last a long time! If your roof is old, worn out, or has existing damage, you will want to take care of that before installing a solar system for your home. Otherwise, you will have to pay to take them off and put them on again once a new roof is installed.  

Solar Panels Require Little Maintenace

Depending on where you live, solar panels and energy systems may need yearly cleaning but that’s about it. Your roof, on the other hand (areas not covered by home solar panels), may still require yearly maintenance and inspections. 

Solar Panels Should Be Installed By A Certifed Roofing Expert

The longevity and reliability of your solar panels is based on the skill level of the contractor you choose. Going with a solar installer that offers the lowest price can almost always guarantee they will be cutting corners – leaving your home and system in jeopardy. Choosing a reputable, local Florida solar installer is in your best interest! 

Learn More About Florida Solar 

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