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5 Requirements For Commercial Solar Panels – Free Checklist

commercial solar panels in Florida

Home solar panels are the single best way for homeowners to save on their electric costs, but what about commercial solar panels for businesses?  According to EnergySage marketplace data, the average commercial property owner pays around $557 in monthly electricity bills before going solar. After their installation, their electricity bill was reduced by approximately 89%. […]

Solar Panel Maintenance – How Do You Clean Solar Panels

solar contractor performing solar panel maintenance on rooftop solar panels in Florida

How much solar panel maintenance is required? Like other roofing components, solar panels don’t require much once they are installed. For Florida homeowners, ensuring the panels receive enough sunlight is key to maximizing energy production. This may mean regular tree trimming around your property or manual cleaning to remove dust buildup.  Solar Panel Maintenance: What’s […]

Types Of Solar Panel Warranties

Florida solar contractor offering solar panel warranties to homeowner

Homeowners looking to switch to solar should consider adding additional coverage through extended solar panel warranties and solar panel insurance to prevent out-of-pocket costs. Solar panels easily last 20+ years but that doesn’t mean repairs won’t be needed from time to time. Homeowners looking to switch to solar should consider adding additional coverage through extended […]

How Does Net Metering Work In Florida?

home with solar panels and net metering connection to Florida energy grid

There are many reasons Florida homeowners should consider switching to solar, especially with the 30% federal tax credit available through 2033. However, many homeowners are hesitant to add solar panels to their roofs due to the cost. What many Florida homeowners don’t know is net metering makes it easy to switch to solar and save […]

Installing Solar Panels In Florida

Florida solar energy contractors installing new home solar panels in Jacksonville, Florida

In most cases, installing solar panels in Florida takes 1-3 months to complete. Most of that time is getting the city permits and approval from your utility company. If you choose to work with Raze Solar, you’ll have a dedicated Account Manager that handles this process for you. The only thing we don’t cover in […]

Florida Solar Tax Credits Explained

Florida solar tax credits

Please remember that we are not tax professionals and do not give tax advice. This information is only a general outline of what steps/forms to use when claiming the federal solar tax credit. Please consult a tax consultant before filing. Florida ranks 4th in the nation for solar potential but 14th in the number of […]

Selecting Solar Panels & Equipment

selecting solar panels in Jacksonville, Florida

When you look closely at rooftop solar panels you’ll notice one thing: how they are set up varies on each house. In fact, rarely are two solar electric systems the same. When looking at homes, you may have even asked yourself questions like “why are the solar panels shaped like that?” or “why did they […]

Solar Panel Requirements For Homes in Florida

Homeowners spend $1,500 on electricity every year or about $125 each month. Switching to solar means you can keep that money and generate free electricity. Getting a solar energy audit is the first step towards monthly savings, but before you make the call, you’ll want to make sure your home is a good fit for […]

Monitoring Solar Panel Performance In Florida

outside Jacksonville Florida home monitoring solar panel performance with phone app

Solar panels are only able to generate electricity when the sun is shining. While you won’t notice any difference or loss in power at night or on cloudy days, monitoring solar panel performance is key to keeping your energy costs low. In addition, those with battery storage units or generators will have to monitor solar […]

Benefits Of Solar Panels In Florida

home in florida using the benefits of solar panels

Florida wouldn’t be the Sunshine State without, you guessed it, sunshine! Homeowners in Florida get an average of 237 sunny days each year, well above the national average of 205. Aside from the abundance of sunlight, there are several other reasons Florida homeowners should switch to solar energy. Keep reading to learn all the benefits of solar […]