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25 Top FAQs About Home Solar Panels In Florida

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People considering installing home solar panels in Florida should take the time to carefully review all their options before making the switch! Unfortunately, solar panels and home energy systems can be complex, making comparing options, estimates, and more hard. 

To help, we’ve compiled a list of our most asked questions about home solar panels in Florida and answers from our licensed installers. Scroll to read them all and get access to our free online solar panel resources. 

Do solar panels cause roof leaks?

When home solar panels in Florida are installed correctly, systems are waterproof, meaning you’ll never have to worry about roof leaks. It’s critical you choose a licensed solar installer with experience in roofing to prevent any issues after installation. 

Will solar panels increase home value?

Studies show that home solar panels in Florida do increase property value but the exact amount varies by area. On the low end, homeowners can expect a 4% increase after switching to solar but some areas see as much as 11%. One important thing to note is that green energy upgrades are exempt from property taxes in Florida, meaning you can enjoy all the benefits of solar without paying more come tax time. 

What is the payback period for solar panels?

Calculating the payback period or return on investment of home solar panels in Florida can be tricky and a little complicated. There are also two ways to do it! We’ve created a free online guide to help walk you through the process. Access the Home Solar ROI Guide here

Can an HOA prevent solar panels from being installed?

HOAs in Florida cannot prevent home solar panels from being installed. Owners may be required to inform their HOA before starting their project and/or may be required to submit project plans, but state laws prevent them from interfering with clean energy projects. 

If you live in Florida and your HOA has said you cannot switch to solar, you still have options. Learn what next steps to take in our HOA blog post

Is there a way to get free solar panels in Florida?

“Free” solar programs in Florida are a scam and are often used in advertisements to get homeowners to click and fill out their contact information. Florida does NOT currently have state-run programs that provide homeowners with low-cost or free solar panels. There are programs that can assist with the loan process, but they do not provide discounts on solar products or home energy systems. 

Are community solar programs better?

Community solar programs offer homeowners access to clean energy. However, the energy costs are often not any cheaper than grid power. The benefit of these programs is that homeowners can reduce their carbon footprint. Homeowners cannot claim the tax credit, home value increase or enjoy any of the other benefits of installing home solar panels in Florida. 

How many solar panels are needed to power a 2000 sq foot home?

28-48 is the average number of solar panels needed to power a  2000 sq foot home. Access our free online guide to learn why and ways to get an accurate estimate for your home. 

How does net metering work?

Most utility companies in Florida allow homes to remain connected to the grid to use power at night when solar panels don’t operate. During the day when solar panels produce more power than a home can use, that power is sent to the grid and the homeowner receives an energy credit. Energy credits are used to offset energy costs at night and allow some homeowners to have near-zero monthly bills. Each utility company has its own program and rules. Florida homeowners should pay careful attention to the payback rates as they could impact overall monthly savings. Access our online guide to find out if your utility company offers net metering and what their program entails!

How much does solar panel maintenance cost?

Florida homeowners should expect to spend anywhere from $100-$500 each year on solar panel maintenance. Usually, all that is required is light dusting or cleaning, which can be done with a garden hose. Squirrels, birds, and other small critters can nest in or around rooftop solar panels and cause costly repairs but routine checks can prevent that. Learn more in our solar panel maintenance guide.

Will solar panels survive a hurricane?

Home solar panels in Florida are required to withstand wind speeds of at least 150 miles per hour. That is equal to a category 4 hurricane. The installation process can impact solar panels ability to survive a hurricane, so it’s important to choose a licensed installer. 

Are Tesla solar panels available in Florida?

There are mixed reports about the availability of Tesla solar panels in Florida and not many good reviews. We recommend those who are interested reach out to the manufacturer directly. 

Are there ways to reduce solar panel costs?

If you are on the fence about installing home solar panels in Florida due to the costs, we have good news! There are several ways to make solar more affordable depending on your energy needs, home size, and connection type. Get tips from our blog on ways to lower solar panel costs.  

How are rooftop solar panels installed?

The solar panel installation process is fairly straightforward but includes many steps. We’ve outlined the entire process from start to finish to help Florida homeowners understand what to expect. Click here to access the solar panel installation guide. 

Do I have to install a battery with solar panels?

Homeowners do not have to install a solar battery in order to switch to clean energy! In fact, choosing to remain connected to the grid through net metering can save homeowners thousands of dollars on installation costs. Click here to learn more about how to switch to solar without batteries

What happens to home solar panels if I move?

If you are moving into a new home, there are several options for your existing solar panels. You can decide to remove and take them with you or leave them and use the property value increase to pay off the remaining loan amount. We know this can be a difficult decision, so we offer one free move within 100 miles for each of our customers! 

What financing options are available for home energy systems?

Most homeowners choose to finance rooftop solar panels instead of paying cash. There are several ways to go about this! Access our solar financing guide to explore your options. 

How does the solar tax credit work?

The updated federal solar tax credit offers a 30% savings incentive on new installations through 2032. While most home energy systems and batteries qualify, there are some tax implications to consider. Learn what those are and what additional tax credits are available to Florida homeowners in our online guide

Do solar contractors need to be licensed in Florida?

Yes, solar contractors need to be licensed in Florida! Homeowners can check a solar contractor’s license status online through the Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s website

Why am I not saving money with home solar panels?

You may not be saving money with home solar panels in Florida for several reasons. There may be a problem with one or more panels, inverters, or other tech within the system. Another reason could be your utility company payback rates changed. We recommend contacting your solar installer for a full review of your system and energy bills to determine the cause. 

What is the best way to compare solar panel quotes to get the best deal?

When comparing solar panel quotes, there are several different metrics to look at and a lot to review. It’s super important that homeowners make sure all quotes use the same numbers to compare apples to apples to find the best deal! Learn how to compare solar panel quotes in our free online guide.  

What questions should I ask a solar installer?

Meeting with a solar energy company, but unsure what questions to ask during the home inspection? We’ve got you covered. See our blog’s full list of questions to ask a solar panel installer

Are home solar panels worth it in Florida?

Our data shows that solar panels are worth it in Florida. Click here to find out why!

What are the benefits to installing home solar panels? 

Lower monthly bills, rate hike protection, and a cleaner environment are benefits of installing home solar panels in Florida. Learn more and get a comprehensive list of reasons to switch on our blog. 

Can I run my home off solar battery if the power goes down?

Yes, solar batteries can power a home during an outage. Homeowners can choose to keep their whole home powered by using multiple solar batteries or only powering the essentials. 

Will solar panels work on cloudy days?

It’s a common misconception that solar panels produce no power when it is cloudy or raining. While energy production is limited, some solar panels have been designed to keep producing power even without direct sunlight. Homeowners should review manufacturing specifications for more information on energy production capabilities in cloudy weather.

Have Other Questions About Home Solar Panels In Florida?

At Raze Solar, we’ve been installing home solar panels in Florida for almost a decade. We’re proud to offer the best products, services, and warranties around! If you have questions or need more information on how to transition to clean energy, call (904) 595-6835 or schedule a free home solar quote online. 

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