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25 Top FAQs About Home Solar Panels In Florida

home solar panels in Florida on residential home with shingle roof

People considering installing home solar panels in Florida should take the time to carefully review all their options before making the switch! Unfortunately, solar panels and home energy systems can be complex, making comparing options, estimates, and more hard.  To help, we’ve compiled a list of our most asked questions about home solar panels in […]

Roof Warranty 101: Will Installing Solar Panels Void Policy?

new rooftop solar panels on residential home in Florida safeguards roof warranty

Solar panels are a big investment for most homeowners, especially for those needing a new roof to support them. Since solar panels will last 25+ years, the last thing you’ll want to deal with is roofing problems after installation like damage, leaks, or a voided roof warranty.  Concerns about potential roof damage and a lack […]

Benefits Of Solar Batteries During Hurricane Season

benefits of solar batteries in garage after installation during hurricane season

Why should Florida homeowners prioritize using the benefits of solar batteries this hurricane season? In the face of increasingly frequent and intense storms, ensuring the resilience of our homes and communities has become more crucial than ever. While traditional hurricane preparedness measures such as securing supplies and reinforcing structures are essential, harnessing the potential of renewable […]

What Are Tier 1 Solar Panels – Get Answer From Solar Expert

Tier 1 Solar Panels on residential home in Florida

Florida homeowners looking to add rooftop solar panels have probably come across the term “tier 1 solar panels” while researching the best home energy options. But what does that mean?  Depending on the context, “tier 1 solar panels” refers to the level of manufacturing capability of solar panel producers or the size of a home […]

How Many Solar Panels Are Needed For A 2000 Square Foot House?

How Many Solar Panels Are Needed For A 2000 Square Foot House In FL.jpg

Note: estimates for how many solar panels are needed for a 2000 square foot house are based on average prices from 2021 and projects in Florida. If you live in a different area, you may experience different numbers.  Solar panel cost is a big concern for Florida homeowners, and rightfully so! New systems can cost […]

What Homeowners With JEA Need To Know Before Going Solar

Florida solar company installing solar panel brackets on roof of homeowner with JEA power company

Thinking about adding rooftop solar panels? If you live in Jacksonville and have JEA as your utility company, make sure you understand how their Distributed Generation (DG) Policy works and how it could impact potential savings.  What Is JEA’s Distributed Generation (DG) Policy? Jacksonville homeowners who add rooftop solar panels and want to remain connected […]

5 Steps For Homeowners Comparing Solar Panel Quotes

rooftop solar panels on home after homeowner used guide comparing solar panel quotes in Florida

Meeting with several companies and comparing solar panel quotes is an action every Florida homeowner should take before purchasing home solar panels. Not only will it help ensure you get the best price on solar panels, but comparing solar panel quotes will also help you understand the range of products and services available to you.  […]

How Long Do Solar Panels Last? (+ Tips To Increase Lifespan)

residential homeowner asking how long do solar panels last in Florida

If you’ve been researching rooftop solar panels, you’ve probably found articles online about early models installed in the 80s that still produce power today. Which brings up a good question – how long do solar panels last?  While a number of factors can impact solar panel lifespan, the good news is that they are designed to […]

Are Solar Panels Covered by Home Insurance In Florida?

are solar panels covered by home insurance in the state of Florida

“Are solar panels covered by home insurance?” is one of our most frequently asked questions by Florida homeowners. And for good reason – clean energy is a big investment. To offset a $175 per month electric bill, homeowners will likely have to spend $30,000 or more. But what happens if they get damaged after installation? […]

How to Convert Your Home To Solar Power In Florida

installed rooftop solar system after researching how to convert your home to solar power

Making the decision to convert your home to solar power is a smart investment that can reduce your energy bills, increase your property value, and help the environment. But for homeowners just starting their solar journey, the process can seem a little overwhelming.  The good news is that converting your home to solar power is […]